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Lyophilizate and solvent for suspension for injection for dogs

The vaccine contains after reconstitution attenuated viruses and is designed to ensure an active immunization of dogs against distemper, infectious hepatitis and infectious laryngotracheitis of dogs and parvovirosis of dogs.

Each one dose (1 ml) contains

Lyophilized part:

Active substances:
Virus febris contagiosae canis attenuatum 102.7 – 104.5 EID50,
Virus laryngotracheitidis contagiosae canis attenuatum 103.5 – 107.5 CCID50, Parvovirus enteritidis canis attenuatum 102.1 – 103.6 HAU.
EID50 – 50% infectious dose for chicken embryos.
CCID50 – 50% infectious dose for cell cultures.
HAU – hemagglutination units.

Vial with the solvent:
Excipients: water for injections 1 ml.


For an active prophylactic immunization of dogs from 6 weeks of age against distemper, infectious hepatitis, infectious laryngotracheitis of dogs and parvovirosis of dogs. Sufficient immunity develops over 2 to 3 weeks after the primary vaccination and persists for at least 1 year.


Do not use in cases of an acute infectious disease, an organ and feverish disease, detection of an unfavorable post vaccination reaction or allergy at former vaccinations and after stress imposed on animals (transportation, high environmental temperatures). Do not use in pregnant bitches in a high level of pregnancy and just after parturition.

Dosage and method of administration

The immunization dose per 1 animal is 1 ml, irrespective of species, age, sex and weight. The vaccine should be administered subcutaneously (s.c.) best of all into an area behind the scapula.

Primary vaccination: Primary vaccination is carried out in dogs from age 6-8 weeks, second dose of vaccine is administered after 3 weeks after primary vaccination. It is advised to administer third dose of vaccine after 3-4 weeks after second dose in youngsters with specific colostral antibodies and in youngsters, to whom was administered second dose before finished 12th week of age.

Revaccination: To maintain the persistent immunity, regular annual revaccination is advisable.
When using the vaccine CANVAC R as a solvent, use of this combination undergo the same processes.

Size of package: 6 x 1 dose, 30 x 1 dose
Each dose represents the combination of one vial with lyophilized part and one vial with solvent.
Not all pack sizes may be marketed.

For animals only. Veterinary medicinal product to be supplied only on veterinary prescription.

Intended for:

For dogs


  • 6 x 1 dávka
  • 30 x 1 dávka