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Suspension for injection for rabbits

The liquid vaccine containing inactivated virus of rabbit haemorrhagic disease to ensure an active immunization of rabbits against rabbit haemorrhagic disease (plague of rabbits).

Each one dose (0.5 ml) contains

Active substances:
Calicivirus septicemiae haemorrhagicae cuniculi inactivatum inducing antibodies of NLT 32 HIU50.
HIU50: amount of antibodies determined in laboratory animals, which corresponds with high protection of animals (P ≥ 0.99).

aluminium hydroxide gel NLT 1.0 mg.

thiomersal NMT 0.01 %,
sodium chloride solution up to 0.5 ml.


An active prophylactic immunization of rabbits from 6 weeks of age against rabbit haemorrhagic disease. The immunity develops within 1 week after primary vaccination. Solid immunity is achieved over 2 to 3 weeks after primary vaccination. The immunity persists for approximately 12 months. The young from immunized mothers are protected by maternal antibodies. These antibodies persist for approximately 4 weeks.


Do not use in animals with developed clinical signs of the disease.

Dosage and method of administration

Immunization dose is applied subcutaneously (s.c.) best of all into an area behind the scapula. The immunization dose per 1 animal is 0.5 ml, irrespective of age, sex and weight. Animals may be primo-vaccinated from the age of 10 weeks. In regions with an unfavorable infection situation, rabbits may be primary vaccinated from 6 weeks of age with a re-vaccination over 4 weeks after primary vaccination. To maintain permanent immunity, it is advisable to perform re‑vaccination annually on a regular basis. The youngsters from immunized mothers are protected by maternal immunity that persists for approximately 4 weeks after birth. Residual amount of specific maternal antibodies may negatively influence the vaccination effect.

Size of package: 1 x 50 doses, 1 x 100 doses, 6 x 20 doses
Not all pack sizes may be marketed.

For animals only. Veterinary medicinal product to be supplied only on veterinary prescription.

Intended for:

For rabbits


  • 1 x 50 dávek
  • 1 x 100 dávek
  • 6 x 20 dávek