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For cows

RoCoCalf Paste


RoCoCalf Paste contains valuable proteins from eggs and energy as vegetable fat and dextrose. The proteins in RoCoCalf Paste are produced by a gentle drying of chicken eggs, ensuring that the proteins are not denatured, and that they maintain the high biological value. RoCoCalf Paste may be given continuously or during periods where it is accessed that a particular need for supplementing the physiological nutrition exists. The egg powder is produced from the eggs laid by hens which are vaccinated against E. coli and rotavirus. RoCoCalf Paste is packed in prefilled dosing syringes.

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ZooLac Bovimix


ZooLac Bovimix contains live yeast cells (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and ZooLac, which is a well known vinasse product and dextrose. ZooLac Bovimix is dissolved in the milk or milk replacer for the young animals. The addition of ZooLac Bovimix is continued for as long as the animals are getting milk or milk replacer.

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