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Autogenous inactivated vaccine with alhydrogel adjuvant particularly for cattle and sheep against respiratory, enteric and mixed infections.

AUTODYN SOFT is an autogenous inactivated vaccine (with aluminium hydroxide adjuvans) made from pathogens and antigens obtained from an animal(s) of one particular breed and is used to treat such animal(s) in the same area. Designed especially for cattle, calf, sheep, and goats.

Composition (1ml):

Active substances: Bacteria specifica
Adjuvans: Aluminium hydroxide gel


Dosage and route of administration

Heifer, bull, cow: 4.0 ml s. c.
Calf: 2.0 ml s. c.
Sheep, goats:  2.0 ml s. c.

Common immunization scheme consists of vaccination and revaccination after 2 to 4 weeks, according to the infection situation, and subsequently in 6 months intervals. The extent and way of application is to be specified by a veterinarian.

Within a time interval of 6 months it is necessary to check usability of production strains with regard to the actual epizootologic situation in the given breed.

Package: 50 ml; 100 ml; 200 ml; 500 ml.

Intended for:

Autogenous vacc.


  • 50 ml
  • 100 ml
  • 200 ml
  • 500 ml